So what does Earth Day, red meat and water have in common?

Earth day is a worldwide, annual celebration on April 22nd during which different events are held to create an awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

At our recent office Earth Day celebration, our social club chose the vulnerability of our water sources as the theme, and since they had only about half an hour to their disposal, they touched on only one aspect of saving water : red meat and why joining the Meatless Monday movement can be the one thing you do this week to help protect the environment.

Did you know that it takes approximately 15 000 litres of water to produce as opposed to only 3 000 litres to grow a kilogram of tomatoes.  Enough said, I think.

By reducing your consumption of red meat (I can hear my family sighing in the background), you can help preserve our water resources.  But here’s the good news. You only have to go meatless one day a week, on a Monday.

Meatless Monday is a movement that motivates all of us to forego eating meat on a Monday.   On their site, you can join the movement, read about the health benefits of reducing meat consumption and find tons of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time.  And let’s be honest – most of us South African carnivores can do with eating a little less meat.

Did you celebrate Earth Day this year?  Have you tried to go meatless?  Did you succeed? Any fabulous recipes you want to share?

Or do you have a better way to save water.  Please do tell.