The Green Market at The Botanical Gardens in Pretoria

I visited a charming little market in the Pretoria Botanical Gardens last Saturday called The Green Market.  Not only are local markets a great way to reduce your food- and other product miles, they also stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship in your local community.  Given, of course, that it is a local market and not a giant imported goods flea market. 

The aim of The Green Market is also to help raise awareness and educate their visitors on the benefits and importance of living more eco conscious.

  • Where : Pretoria Botanical Gardens, 2 Cussonia Ave, Brummeria
  • When  :  First Saturday of the month, 9:00 – 14:00
  • Entrance fee (to the Gardens)  :  R5 per child, R10 per adult

What I found when I went:

  • Coffee and baked goods from local traders;
  • Eco products like the Bokhasi that turns kitchen waste into a soil conditioner;
  • Second hand clothes traders;
  • Providers of smart energy alternatives;
  • Organic and natural body care products;
  • Second hand books;
  • Collectors of second hand porcelain and other collectables;
  • Everyday people who wish to trade their trash for your cash;
  • Live entertainment by a local artist.  

If you would like to find out more, just click here.