All of a sudden, it is all around us.  What does it mean, exactly?  And why do we suddenly see that ‘organic’-sticker that seperates one product from a similarly looking other?

Well, organic living is not new at all.  Our ancestors lived organic life styles, but they did not need to label it as such.  To them, organic living was the only lifestyle  they knew. For us today, organic living is a choice.

How did it all go wrong?  Human innovation and invention came along.  The industrial revolution saw the design and production of steam driven engines. This made it possible to work vast expanses of land and work them more intensely than ever before.  More nutrients were taken from the land and scientists of the day soon realised that these had to be ‘put back’  into the soil.

This posed new problems and soon the land was being doused with chemical substances to replenish the soil for the next bumper crop.  More availability of food stimulated population growth which in turn put more pressure on the farming industry to come up with innovative ways to increase crops.

Age old practices like crop rotation, allowing the land to rest, natural fertilizers like manure, bone- and fish meal and seaweed, and also green-manuring – planting green crops like clover or alfalfa and then plowing them under – were thrown out for more modern methods.

Voices of concern were raised as early as the late 1930’s, but organic farming had to take a back seat to the ‘cure-all, wonder inventions’ of synthetic chemicals. And the synthetic chemicals did not remain in the farming industry.  It invaded every aspect of modern life as we know it.

There was, of course, a dark side to this.  All these ‘cure-all, wonder inventions’ were developed to be efficient rather than safe and/or healthy.  Synthetic chemicals were produced by the ton and released in a world that was designed to operate in a non-synthetic, organic way.

Fortunately in the 1970’s a new movement started that wanted to turn back to the land.  And today, some 40 years later, sustainability has become a key concern to both individuals, governments and businesses.  We have come to realize that we cannot just harvest the world around us but that we need to nourish and replenish the world around us.

But how do we do this?  Where do we start?   You start today.  You make a small step.  Choose a better product.  Re-cycle the one you were about to throw into a land-fill and re-use instead of buying another.

And All About Going Green is right here by your side to help you do that – one practical step at a time.   Join the movement.  Find out all you need to know about going green!