Sustainable news - Newspaper vs Electronic News

Sustainable news – Newspaper vs Electronic News

There is a guy I meet up with almost every morning on my way to work.  We chat about the weather and sometimes the news headlines.

My day is somehow lacking if he’s not at our regular meeting place.

He is the guy that sells me my newspaper.

I take my newspaper to the office with me and leave it in the Common room.  I see people paging through it, discussing it, having lunch around it.

Newspapers not only connect us with the outside world, it also, somehow, has the ability to connect us to those around us.

Yes, I have a tablet and a phone and a computer where I can get my daily news fix in a more sustainable way, but it’s just not the same as paging through a newspaper.

Researching how ‘green’ my newspaper buying habit is, brought some surprising facts to light.  Facts like ‘It takes 24 trees to make one ton of newspaper’ almost makes me feel like an offender for buying a newspaper, yet it seems that the jury is still out on which of electronic- or paper news has the biggest carbon footprint.  This is, of course, given that you recycle both the newspaper and the electronic vice you choose.

Paper recycling makes a strong argument.  It costs 50-80% less to build a paper mill that uses wastepaper than to build one that uses new pulp.  Producing recycled paper also releases 73% less air pollution than using new pulp.  Recycling firms are plenty and drop-off is easy.

Re-cycling your used electronic equipment, however, is more tricky. Not only are there fewer re-cycling drop-off options available, there are also more risks involved with data stored on your devices as well as SIM- and data cards.

So this is over to you now.  How do you get your daily news fix?  How often do you buy a newspaper? Do you think that newspapers will be around much longer?