Upcycled Magbag made from recycled magazine pages

Shopping for a summer scarf the other day, I not only got the perfect scarf.  I got it in this cute bag, made of upcycled magazine pages !

These Magbags are simply two recycled magazine pages stitched together with a over-sized zig-zag stitch.

Upcycling is when something is re-used without breaking it down. It often gives the new creation a higher purpose.  In this case, upcycling definitely turned two pretty magazine pages into a higher purpose shopping bag.

Although I could not find a lot of information about them, I did learn that these bags are produced as part of and upliftment program for women.  A really ingenious way to get a second life out of pretty magazine pages.

Thumbs up for Out Of the Blue in Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria.