Grow Vegetables and HerbsWith Spring in the air you might feel like getting outside and spending some time in the garden.  While you are there, why not add a couple of summer veggies and tasty herbs to your garden.  If you don’t have a dedicated vegetable and herb garden, you can plant them between your regular garden plants. 

They’ll not only fill those empty spaces left by the winter cold, but you’ll also be able to dish them up in a couple of weeks.  Getting into the habit of growing your own vegetables will save you from travelling to the grocery store and improve bio-diversity in your area. 

Tips for growing your own herbs and veggies:

tips on growing herbs and vegetables If you’re new to growing herbs and vegetables, start by buying seedlings from your local nursery. It will increase your chance to succeed, improving the likelyhood that you’ll try it again;

tips on growing herbs and vegetables  Check the planting conditions (sun / shade / semi-shade).  If the seedlings are not labeled, ask the shop assistant;

tips on growing herbs and vegetables  If you decide to grow veggies from seed, starting in a seed tray that is located near your kitchen / patio will help you remember to water them regularly in the first couple of weeks;

tips on growing herbs and vegetables  Pots are a great way to add vegetables and herbs to your garden and patio. They can easily be replaced once they go past their expiry date or re-filled with a couple of seedlings for an instant new look;

tips on growing herbs and vegetables  When planting seedlings from trays, don’t plant them all at one time otherwise they will all be ripe at the same time.  Plant them over a period, ensuring that you keep your seedlings properly watered and fed, and you will extend your harvest time.