Today I’m sharing one of my favourite midweek summer salad recipes.  It is delicious, nutritious, healthy and super easy to make your own.

The ingredients are a little more sturdy than most salad ingredients and will  keep well in your fridge, so no wastage.  Also, it makes it easy to keep your fridge stocked and ready for a quick prep.

Why prepping your own food is good

Prepping your own food can feel overwhelming, especially after a demanding day at the office.  In summer a variety of healthy salads will greatly reduce your cooking time and boost your health, while reducing your environmental footprint.  And if you keep the dressing sensible, it will go a long way towards salvaging your waste line.

For this reason I keep my recipes easy with few ingredients and quick prep time.

Health Check List

Cabbage has vitamin K and anthocyanins, a flavonoid with antioxident properties, that help with mental function and concentration while also protecting your nervous system. Cabbage is also anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate your blood sugar.

The raisins are chock full of energy balanced by fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Feta cheese balances out the sweetness of the raisins and is full of B vitamins, phosphorus and calcium.

multi colour cabbage summer salad


Boost your lunch box

If you make a little extra you can add some summer salad to your lunchbox for the next day. Remember to keep the dressing and feta separate if you are squeamish about your salad getting soggy.

Multi Color Cabbage Summer Salad:

Red & Green Cabbage, finely sliced
Carrots, grated
Feta Cheese

Honey mustard dressing.

Optional extras: grated cucumber and apple.

Shred, mix, serve, enjoy!

Check back soon for more green living go to recipes and ideas.